Thursday, January 11, 2007
Painted to the pages by Starluck @ 10:54 AM CST [Link]

[10:32] Ghost Mariner: Did I tell you about the electrician that came to visit the shop yesterday?
[10:32] JRMMLaptop: No!
[10:34] Ghost Mariner: Well, the electrician came in around after lunch while I was near the table by the breaker box cleaning my glass flowers, etching and labeling them. He was wearing those thick cover-alls that all heavy duty workers wear over his regular clothes.
[10:35] Ghost Mariner: The breaker box room is a tiny, closet sized and unlit room that we use to store the paint mixer. So he's looking at the breaker box going "Oh, wow." and he said the boxes near the main one were extremely old. The building is ancient and he's boggling at how old and strange the boxes are.
[10:36] Ghost Mariner: He starts calling people and we're all joking that he was calling for backup.
[10:37] JRMMLaptop: heh, hopefully he wasn't calling to report it to the Dark Cabal of Building Code...
[10:38] Ghost Mariner: No, he didn't. He was trying to figure out what to do. XDD He was probably used to updating stuff from the 80's or 90's to newer stuff. This building was probably early 1900's or late 1800's. The old metal molding is hidden waaay up on the ceiling.
[10:38] JRMMLaptop: geez
[10:38] JRMMLaptop: Poor guy XD
[10:39] Ghost Mariner: And we're all like "Dude, we know it's not your fault."
[10:41] Ghost Mariner: But then it starts getting really hot 'cause Adrian got the furnace and the glory hole going and he goes "Okay, I need to take off a few layers." while it's just me and Adrian standing there. He unzips that thick over coverall and your mom walks up and goes "The electrician is taking his pants off." I go "He's stripping." And your mom pulls out bills from her pocket and goes "Well, I have twenty bucks." I said "I've got three dollars and I know we've got a little hardhat somewhere."
[10:42] Ghost Mariner: Gale and Leigh start cracking up and the electrician goes "You want me to wear my utility belt?"
[10:42] JRMMLaptop: LOL
[10:43] Ghost Mariner: So yeah, we have a pet electrician now. LoL Poor guy's stuck with us until we can get a new set of wiring for a new furnace we're getting next month.
[10:44] JRMMLaptop: Oh well, sounds like he has a sense of humor, he'll fit right in razz
[10:44] Ghost Mariner: We warned him straight off about the heat, next time he shows up maybe he'll take a tshirt to change into.
[10:47] JRMMLaptop: heheh
[10:48] Ghost Mariner: *cuddles*
[10:50] JRMMLaptop: you should put that in your journal XD
[10:50] Ghost Mariner: Frightening an electrician? XD
[10:51] JRMMLaptop: Yes! You haven't written in it for ages
[10:51] JRMMLaptop: hehe

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