Thursday, October 19, 2006
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So I spent most of the morning listening to Peter Gabriel remixes of "Shock the Monkey". I signed up at the site and everything and listened to all of it. So now I've been on a Peter Gabriel kick and have been listening to my only albums and MP3's I've got of his.

I just want to hug Peter Gabriel. How odd does that sound? I've never met the man and I want to hug him like he was someone I've known for years and years. Funny, but I don't get that way about David Bowie. If David Bowie showed up for a hug, I'd go wedge myself under the sofa and be scared out of my mind.

It's sad when potato chips make me all excited. If I had a tail it'd be wagging furiously.

[13:43] JRMMLaptop: I bringing you home a pwesent
[13:43] Ghost Mariner: Oh? Is it crunchy?
[13:43] JRMMLaptop: Maaaaybe
[13:43] Ghost Mariner: Yay!!
[13:43] JRMMLaptop: I gotcha 2 little bags, will that suffice for now? hehe
[13:44] Ghost Mariner: Yesh!!
[13:44] JRMMLaptop:
[13:45] Ghost Mariner: LMAO
[13:46] Ghost Mariner: I love this part...
So when Frito-Lay sells Miss Vickie's in the United States, they aren't just saving on repackaging they're appealing to our hidden snob, our longing to buy bags of greasy chips that are somehow, at the same time, not as crass as the average Ruffle. Our longing to block our arteries with potato chips that speak French.
[13:46] JRMMLaptop: yeah
[13:46] Ghost Mariner: It's classic literature.
[13:47] Ghost Mariner: What's interesting is the Frito Lay site doesn't list it on their main site.
[13:47] JRMMLaptop:
[13:47] Ghost Mariner: Wow, I couldn't find that on the list.
[13:48] JRMMLaptop: Google found it
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: *paws at pictures*
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: See?
[13:48] JRMMLaptop: That's nothing
[13:48] JRMMLaptop: look at THESE
[13:48] JRMMLaptop:
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: ;o;!!
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: This is better than porn.
[13:49] JRMMLaptop: AHA
[13:49] JRMMLaptop:
[13:49] JRMMLaptop: There you go
[13:49] JRMMLaptop: Enjoy yourself smile
[13:49] Ghost Mariner: Holy shit, you've found HEAVEN.

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