Thursday, September 28, 2006
Painted to the pages by Starluck @ 01:03 PM CST [Link]

[12:50] Ghost Mariner: I told your mom about the time I stuck a cockroach in the microwave to test out the theory... she got all freaked out because I put an animal in the microwave. I said "It's just a cockroach."
[12:50] Ghost Mariner: LoL!
[12:50] Ghost Mariner: I was lying out my ass.
[12:50] Ghost Mariner: I wanted to see if she'd buy my act. Hook, line, and sinker.
[12:50] JRMMLaptop: I was pretty sure you never actually did that razz
[12:51] Ghost Mariner: I even said "It's not like a put a mouse in there."
[12:51] Ghost Mariner: Now she thinks I'm a bug murderer. LMAO
[12:51] JRMMLaptop: oh yes
[12:51] JRMMLaptop: with all the spiders we've rescued
[12:51] Ghost Mariner: She doesn't know about all of them, and the fact that I let three or four spiders live around my sink for months.
[12:52] JRMMLaptop: hehehehe

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