Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Painted to the pages by Starluck @ 10:59 AM CST [Link]

[10:35] PhantomCarousel: Today's gonna be interesting, I predict.
[10:37] wolfgangtlouey: oh?
[10:37] PhantomCarousel: Well, yesterday they reposessed our car.
[10:37] wolfgangtlouey: ouch
[10:38] PhantomCarousel: Yeah, so today I gotta figure out how to get it back. XD Ain't life being poor fun?
[10:38] wolfgangtlouey: LUCKILY my car was paid off before I moved away from mom's or we'd be in really bad shape.
[10:38] wolfgangtlouey: thats crappy o.x
[10:39] PhantomCarousel: It is, but we'll get by. We've still got utilities and internet, I'll just call them up and see what I need to do to get our car back.
[10:40] wolfgangtlouey: hopefully it wont be giving them your soul
[10:43] PhantomCarousel: Pretty sure it's just red tape and paperwork. XD
[10:43] wolfgangtlouey: >p
[10:43] wolfgangtlouey: hopefully! XD
[10:43] wolfgangtlouey: a;though sometimes that feels worse XD
[10:44] PhantomCarousel: I can deal with paperwork.
[10:44] PhantomCarousel: It's people that I can't stand.
[10:44] wolfgangtlouey: plus itd be hard to get your soul back from bowie
[10:44] PhantomCarousel: Yeah, I imagine he'd be really peeved if I attemped it.
[10:45] wolfgangtlouey: >P
[10:45] PhantomCarousel: "Mister Bowie, sir?" "Yes?" "I need my soul back." "......" ";__;" "... I'm not happy with that sentence, I hope you know."
[10:46] wolfgangtlouey: *can TOTALLY hear him saying that in her head*
[10:46] wolfgangtlouey: *cracks up*
[10:46] PhantomCarousel: LMAO And I'd cryyyyyy....

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