Unico made the transition much like Strawberry Shortcake, coming in from 1979 and into the 1980's when Disney aired his cartoons "The Island of Magick" and "The Fantastic Adventures of Unico".

Unico is an adorable baby unicorn that can transform into a beautiful adult unicorn through the magick of the love of his true friends. He manages to win the hearts of the people he meets during his travels from place to place, constantly being carried away by The West Wind so that the jealous gods don't cast him into Oblivion.

Unico is an anime/manga play on Greek mythology. The unicorn is the symbol of purity, love, and magick and Unico is all of these, as well.

What makes Unico different from other baby unicorns? Other than his pixie-cut deep magenta hair, his ears are most peculiar. ^_^ How many unicorns do you know have round, teddy bear ears and a teeny black button nose? Unico is as cuddly as they come.

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