The early 1980's brought to light My Little Pony, among the most memorable and popular toys of the decade. Hasbro took young girls' love for horses and created the first line of My Little Pony and from then on it grew and grew!

My Little Pony introduced a new series year by year. From rainbow hair to glittering symbol designs. New poses and characters were introduced with matching ribbons, combs, and other accessories.

Not only were they an awesome toy of the 1980's, they were also an imaginative outlet for little girls. There were cartoons and the theme song used in the movies and the commercials.

Today, more than a decade since the first My Little Pony was introduced to toy stores, there are collectors from around the globe searching for ponies to add to their collection, including some exclusive to Europe and Mexico. Now, with the aid of internet, collectors are now able to find the toys they are looking for and talk to other collectors. Also, people are able to create their own pony stories and share them with other people.

As of 1998, Hasbro re-released the new 1997-98 generation of My Little Ponies. The new line, however, is a completely new mold and not designed in the original style. This new line is smaller and thinner with compact features and hooves. From what I know they have been discontinued in the USA but are still sold in Europe.

There has been much controversy about these new MLP's concerning their new make and models. There is only one known unicorn that I know of so far and they've yet to introduce a pegasus, instead some ponies contain a set of clip-on wings. The babies have squashed heads, looking like a somewhat deformed version of the adults. Many collectors do not collect these, passing these off as "fakes" under the same name. Others have embraced this new line without qualm. Many of these new ponies posess the names used for the classic line.

As the 80's continued on, some forget, the MLP's began to change even then. Some grew larger and more horse-like, a little like the Fashion Star Filly. Some got outrageous designs, colors, and new symbols. The original charm, the fact that they were horses, is still there even today.

My personal opinion about the new MLP line is this... The new MLP's for '98 are fitting for the time. Thin, streamlined, new concepts, and names. However, there will never be the original charm of their old, chubby and babyfaced grandparents. I do hope that they will diversify. I do not collect the new line because they hold none of the memories associated with the originals.

I feel they should round out this new line some, add more per square inch and make their plastic softer, closer to vynil than hard plastic. And by all means, MORE HAIR! The more hair, the better, I say. For my reviews on the 1997 and old My Little Pony, click here.

My Little Pony returns! And it seems that they have finally taken the hint to not stray too far from the original look of the original MLP's and have brought something that is both new and yet still holds the original charm of the world of My Little Pony. The offical MLP site features two news articles about the upcoming My Little Pony movie (to appear this fall!) and who has teamed up to make all this magic possible! I, myself, am extremely excited about this new line and will more than likely buy quite a bit of this new line! So stay tuned for upcoming reviews on the new line from me. ^^ According to their news "(t)he new MY LITTLE PONY RAINBOW CELEBRATION ponies feature beautiful rainbow hair! The four colorful ponies include SUNNY DAZE, WYSTERIA, SWEETBERRY and RAINBOW DASH. The MY LITTLE PONY GLITTER CELEBRATION ponies have special glitter designs in their hair and include PINKIE PIE, SPARKLEWORKS, KIMONO and MINTY. All of the ponies come with a brush to style is their beautiful hair and a special charm for the MY LITTLE PONY charm bracelet. (Age: 3 & up; Available: Fall; Approximate retail price: $4.99 each)". For more on this article, please refer to the original article here.

** Available Images **
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MOC "Firefly"
Rare Brazillian Pony
MOC TAF "Dancing Butterflies"
MOC First Pony "Bubbles"
MIB Summerwing Pony "Buzzer"
MIB Summerwing Pony "High Flyer"
MIB Summerwing Pony "Little Flitter"
MOC Magic Message Pony "Windy"
MOC Family "Mummy Apple Delight"
MOC "Cherries Jubilee"
MOC "Posey"
MOC TAF "Merriweather"
MOC TAF "Bonnie Bonnets"
MOC TAF "Buttons"
MOC Euro "Blossom"
MOC "Baby Cotton Candy"
MOC "Baby Glory"
MOC "Baby Schoolbag"
MOC Euro "Grape Jam"
MOC Teeny Tiny "Little Honey Pie"

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