Naturally in the 80's the fashion and the attention went towards all things that sparkled, glittered, and shown bright and a lovely interpretation of this idea was brought into Moon Dreamers, pastel-colored creatures and characters that glowed in the dark to keep sleeping children company.

Designed to carry your child or yourself off into dreamland as it softly glowed in the dark of your room, Moon Dreamers is a unique toy of the 80's. The main characters were Crystal Starr, Bucky Buckaroo, Dozer, Whimzee, Dream Gazer, Sparky Dreamer, Squwder and Evil Scowlene.

Available Images:
Bucky Buckaroo
The Sleep Creeps
The Snoozers
The Snoozers
Blinky and Ursa Major
Moon Dream Central
Dream Gazer

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