The Last Unicorn, based off the original book by Peter Beagle, has created some beautiful and memorable images for the children of the 80's. I've yet to read this book to find out how true the cartoon is to the original story, but based on the plot of the cartoon version of the story, it does leave a lot to be desired. Like "Where did the Red Bull come from?" and "How did King Haggard drive them all into the sea and keep them there?"

Similar to the anime cartoon style used for "The Hobbit" and "The Return of the King", the characters and creatures of this cartoon are fit for any olde time storybook with beautiful handpainted and hand designed backgrounds.

What makes her the last unicorn? One day whilst tending to her small forest, she overhears the words of two hunters. The older man who says, "Stay where you are, beast,...for you are the last." Confused, she ponders on how she could possibly be the last until a fluttering butterfly swoops in donning tiny flying gear and singing snippets of songs he picks up along his way. With frustration, she gives up, but then the butterfly informs her of the Red Bull and where the King is holding her kind captive.

The most memorable and beautiful creature in this story, is the unicorn herself named by the novice wizard Shmendrick as his niece the Lady Almathea. In her human form, her skin and her hair was just as snowy and pale as her original form, bearing a strange blue mark upon her forehead where her horn was once placed. Together with the wizard and their newfound friend Molly Grue, they make the journey to the counting house of King Haggard, on a steep cliff on the edge of the sea - where the unicorns are held captive.

The music, sung by "America", is just as soft and detailed as the cartoon's backgrounds and scenery as they travel from scape to scape. The soundtrack is just as sought after as the video, itself. The movie contains the -terrible- version of the song "Now that I'm a Woman", but the soundtrack contains the -much- nicer version. I wonder why they didn't use the better track.

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