It may not have been a box office sensation, but it's yet another Henson/Froud masterpiece of the 80's! ^_^ With the talents of Jennifer Connelly as the somewhat naive Sarah Williams, Brian Henson as the voice of Hoggle the cowardly dwarf, and David Bowie (who else!?) as the notorious Goblin King, Labyrinth is a movie in a class all its own!

David Bowie fans and Labyrinth fans alike are often known for featuring many, many fanfiction writings based on or about this movie. I, for one, am no exception. This movie opens you up to a whole new world you'd love to know everything about, with a thirst for more you'll find you can't just let it go for what it is and you're writing your way into your own imagination. Which is precisely what this movie is all about. :)

For those of you who have yet to see this movie, I'll share with you the general plot. A young girl who still hasn't dealt with the loss of her mother, finds it hard to accept her new life with her stepmother and her new baby brother Toby, the child born of this new marriage. She is spiteful of the baby. Now that she is no longer the center of attention and having to face growing up she dwells in her books, acting, and costumes. Her most favorite book of all, it seems, is the book entitled "The Labyrinth". Not wanting to face up to reality and taking it in stride, she is content to dwell in her imaginary world, acting out scenes from her book in a nearby park.

She may seem spoiled, but she is clearly upset that things are going to have to change and she's not ready to let go of her past. Her mother was a stage performer and good one, for Sarah keeps a scrap book of clippings and things her mother had gathered together in her life before she passed away. Sarah still wants to hold on to what she knew, her toys, her old games, and her mother.

When she discovers she has to babysit Toby, that is the last straw, in her anger she shuts herself into her room until they've gone. Toby cries because his mother is gone and the storm over head rolls with frightening thunder. Sarah, not being used to having a baby brother just yet, dismisses this as the baby being selfish and spoiled. Unreasonably, she blames all her troubles on the boy. In her anger she accidentally wishes Toby away at the hands of the goblins in the book she has been reading about.

Upset that it really did come true, she comes to the realization that she is responsible for Toby and strikes a deal with the Goblin King. Jareth the Goblin King gives her a mere thirteen hours with which to solve his mind-boggling, large labyrinth or her brother will forever remain with him in his castle to become a goblin.

Will Sarah make it in time? Rent or buy the movie and see! ^_^

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