One of the 80's most memorable and colorful creations was Rainbow Brite. Rainbow Brite and her friends, the Color Kids protect the rainbow world with the sprites and Rainbow Brite's horse Starbrite.

Her features were a combination of a Campbell Kid and a Cabbage Patch, with the body of a small child and lots of hair. The doll itself had yellow yarn hair adorned with ribbons and bows. Her outfit was an 80's version of futuristic with the exaggerated shoulders and the thick, padded rings down the sleeves. Anyone who knew the jacket from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" will find this style familiar.

With the new colorful and younger generation of internet users along with the anime stream, Rainbow Brite has made a strong comeback with colorful graphics and adoptions such as these.

Rainbow Brite LaLa Orange Canary Yellow Patty O'Green
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Mint in Box Rainbow Brite doll
Rainbow Brite Movie

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